If your existing furnace is no longer keeping your home warm, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Furnace technology has changed a lot over the recent decades, and you may be surprised just how energy-efficient the newer models are. To ensure that the process goes smoothly, you’ll want to follow the preparation tips that we’re going to go over below.

Set Up a Consultation Appointment

When it comes to picking out a new furnace, having the help of an experienced installation professional can make the process go much more smoothly. They’ll assess the physical traits of your home such as its square footage and layout. Then, they’ll listen to your wishes concerning what features you would like your new system to have. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to want to include a smart thermostat, an air purification system or even a humidifier system in their furnace replacement process. It just makes sense to have all of these items installed at the same time.

If you’re in the San Bernadino area, you can turn to our conscientious team at 4 Points A/C & Heating for the trustworthy and detailed assistance you require. One of our expert technicians can assess your residence, discuss your options, make sound recommendations and help you arrive at an informed decision.

Our installation professionals will base their advice on your home’s needs and your budget. They can explain your warranty coverage as well as tax rebates and incentives that you can take advantage of. Since we realize that purchasing a new furnace can be a large monetary investment for many homeowners, we even offer financing with approved credit. Once you decide on the right furnace for your home, it’s time to schedule your installation date!

Set an Installation Date

After you decide on the specific furnace that you’ll be getting, it’s time to schedule the installation. Most furnaces will take an average of one day to install, and you’ll want to plan on being there throughout the entire process.

Our furnace technicians will take the time to discuss with you how we’ll be moving your old furnace out and your new one in. This way, you’ll know all the details of how the entire installation process is going to go before your new unit’s much-anticipated arrival.

Consider Getting on a Maintenance Plan

Part of ensuring that your new furnace stays in good condition for many years to come is having regular maintenance performed on the system. It’s also usually a requirement to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid. One of the best ways to ensure that you have these regular inspections and tune-ups is by simply signing onto an annual maintenance plan. While you’re talking with our technicians about your new furnace installation, consider asking to join a maintenance plan so that you have this aspect sorted out ahead of time.

Clean Up Your Home

The technicians are going to need a clear workspace in order to remove your old furnace and install the new one. You’ll want to remove any boxes, storage containers or furniture situated near your existing furnace. You’ll also want to clear out the route that the technicians will be using to remove your old furnace and bring in the new equipment.

Apart from the main furnace area, you should ensure that there is a clear route to your electrical panel. Check that the breaker for your furnace is adequately labeled. Additionally, if you have a fuel line and tank, access to those will be necessary for the new furnace to be properly installed and tested.

Move Cars Out of Your Driveway

Remember to completely remove your cars from the driveway on the day of installation. The more room the technicians have to unload your new furnace without having to worry about maneuvering between vehicles, the quicker they’re going to be able to do so. You’ll also want to clear any route into and through your home to the equipment’s ultimate destination.

Make Arrangements for Your Kids and Pets

Finally, don’t neglect to consider your children and pets during the installation process. Since it’s quite likely to take a full day for the procedure to be completed, this is a serious consideration.

You’ll need to put your pets in an area where they won’t be underfoot during the installation but where they’ll still have access to going outside when they need to. Additionally, you’ll want to make arrangements for your children that keep them well away from the work. This is primarily for their own safety but also for the concentration of the technicians.

Be Ready to Write Down Unit Instructions

Every furnace is going to be a little bit different from the next. Once your installer finishes putting in your new furnace, it’s time to get a pen and piece of paper to write down the unit instructions.

They can give you information about the specific areas of your furnace that you need to know. For example, they’ll instruct you on the model number and size of your filter and where the housing is located. This will allow you to know how to replace it when it’s time.

They’ll also provide information regarding how to register your new furnace to initiate your warranty coverage. Realize that most furnace manufacturers require that you register your furnace within 30 to 90 days to activate the warranty.

Plan to Be Available

It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to think that they don’t need to be involved in the installation process, so they make other plans during that time. You should not only be present but also avoid making long phone calls or having virtual meetings while the installation is going on. Make yourself readily available during the installation process so that you can answer any questions and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Have Fuel in Your Tank

If your furnace runs on propane or heating oil, you have a tank to hold that fuel. It’s not unusual for a homeowner to run out of fuel at the end of the winter season and not get it refilled until the following autumn. You should check to ensure that your tank is adequately filled since the technicians are going to need fuel to test out your new furnace.

Close Up Your Air Vents

Another great preparation tip that you’ll want to bear in mind is closing up the air vents in each room. Every main room of your home should have at least one supply vent. You’ll simply want to flip the control from an open position to a closed one so that you can no longer see through the vent.

It’s not uncommon for unwanted dust and debris to become unsettled in your ducting during the furnace installation process. By properly closing your air vents, you can prevent that dust from making its way into the rooms of your home.

Trustworthy Furnace Replacement

4 Points A/C & Heating provides trustworthy furnace replacements for the entire San Bernardino region, and we’ve been doing it for over 30 years. We also offer quality heating and cooling maintenance, repairs and installation services. Call us today to get the help that you need with your HVAC system!

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